Guidelines for updating the hp laserjet enterprise m506dn monochrome printer firmware.

If you are not sure if a firmware renewal is correct for your hp laserjet enterprise m506dn monochrome printer, please contact your system manager.

This guide works for the hp laserjet enterprise m506dn monochrome laser printer andmany printers and the steps vary subtly depending on the type of control panel. This procedure requires access to the gadget care menu. If the Gadget Care menu is unusable or password-protected, please contact your system manager.

A USB memory is required for this operation. For 4-line level displays as shown on the left, use the arrow keys to move and press OK to choose.

For touchscreens shown on the right, use the motion bar to move and touch the selection alternative. This is a 4 step development where you print a configuration page, download the firmware to a USB stick, update the firmware from the control panel and now check that the firmware renewal was done correctly. First print a configuration page from the control panel.

You will point it out later. Scroll to the control panel and select Administration. Select Reports. Select Configuration/Status Pages. Scroll to the Settings page and select it. Scroll up a 4-line display and select Print. On a touchscreen display, select Print. Set the printed page aside.

Now download the firmware from the HP Support website and save it to the USB stick. Click Drivers and Downloads. Enter the name or number of the hp laserjet enterprise m506dn monochrome printer in the search box and click Go.

Select the model from the list of search results. Select your preferred driver language, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Cross Operating System alternative (BIOS, Firmware, Diagnostics, etc.).

In the Firmware part, find the firmware file for numerous S.O.. To ensure that a firmware renewal is needed, compare today’s edition date of the firmware file with the firmware file code on the previously printed configuration page. If the firmware date on the download page and the configuration page is the same, the printer firmware is up to date and is not required to continue.

If the firmware date of the hp laserjet enterprise m506dn monochrome laser printer on the configuration page is prior to the date that appears as Today’s Version on the download page, continue with the firmware renewal development. Click Download and now click Store As.

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Navigate to the location where you saved the file, click the secondary link in file, and now extract all the files. Click Investigate, select the USB flash drive as the destination, click OK, and now click Extract.

After getting the files, a firmware filename with the extension.bdl is displayed. This is the primary file for firmware renewal.

At this time update the firmware via the control panel. Make sure the printer is in standby mode. If the printer is in an error condition, correct the error before proceeding.