how to modify and use the Scan to Mail capability on an hp laserjet pro m521dn multifunction printer

These rules are valid for all hp laserjet pro m521dn multifunction printer, but the procedure can change subtly depending on the model.

This procedure requires a network connection, the SMTP server address and the port number of the outgoing mail address.

According to the security requirements of the hp laserjet pro m521dn multifunction printer a8p79a server, it is feasible that an aggregated security authentication key is missing. For public electronic messaging systems,

it is commonly possible to find the names of the SMTP server and ports by searching the Internet. Among other things, use search terms such as “Gmail’s SMTP server name” or “Yahoo’s SMTP server name”.

If you don’t know the SMTP server address, SMTP port number, or authentication information, contact your mail provider or your system manager. The product must be connected to the same wired or wireless network as your PC.

HP suggests modifying the IP address of the printer using DHCP, i.e. automatically, instead of manually. To ensure that your hp laserjet pro m521dn laser multifunction printer is connected to a network, from the Home screen in the product control panel, touch the Network link to view the IP address of the wired network or touch the Wireless link to view the IP address of the network wirelessly.

To enter the wizard from your PC, click the Start link, and now click Programs or All Programs.

Click HP, then click the folder with the product name, and now click the Scan to Mail Wizard. If the Scan to Mail Wizard does not appear or does not work, this suggests that the wizard was not installed correctly during the initial development of the printer installation. In that case, see the video tutorial on how to modify Scan to Mail using the built-in hp laserjet pro m521dn laser multifunction printer Web Server or EWS.

To send scanned documents, the printer must use an outgoing email. To add a new outgoing mail profile, click the New link. On the Home page, enter the sender’s email in the Email field and a name in the Name to display field.

The name will be displayed in the printer control panel. Depending on the printer model, the screen may differ subtly and these fields have the possibility of manifesting themselves on numerous pages.

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To secure the mail profile, enter a 4-character PIN. You will be prompted for the PIN in the product control panel whenever you are going to use that profile.

On the Authentication page, enter the SMTP server address and SMTP server port number. Please note that the firewall settings of internal networks may prevent connection to third party accounts such as Gmail and Yahoo.

If you are using Google Gmail as your mail provider, click the Always use secure connection (SSL/TLS) check box.

HP suggests that you use the already set hp laserjet pro m521dn multifunction printer a8p79a Automatic setting. If the SMTP outgoing mail server requires added security authentication, click the mail login authentication check box and enter the appropriate email and password.

On the Settings page, check the Integrate sender in all emails sent correctly from the printer checkbox if you need to integrate the sender when sending all messages. Click the Next link. On the Finish page, click the Store and evaluate link. You may have to wait a few minutes while the configuration test runs.

When the Lucky message is displayed, click the Finish link to fill in the configuration. You have correctly configured the Scan to Mail capability. You can now send scanned documents and images as attachments to an email.

Now, we expose you how to use Scan to Mail from the printer control panel. To use the hp laserjet pro m521dn multifunction printer Scan to Mail capability, follow these steps: Lift the scanner cover and place the file on the scanner glass according to the printer warnings. Close the scanner cover. You can also place the file in the Automatic Document Feeder. Touch the Scan link on the printer control panel. Touch Scan to mail. Touch Send mail.

Select the address of the sender you want to use. Enter the default 4-character PIN in the wizard.

Touch the To link and choose the address or group of addresses to which you want to send the file. To send the message to a different address